Fuze turns itself off for no reason

I’ve had my Fuze for over 6 months and it was working fine until around Thanksgiving.  I have contacted Technical support via e-mail 3 times with little help.  The last e-mail was sent two weeks ago with no reply.  I’m getting very frustrated at this point. 

My problem:  I was making my bed one day and the player suddenly turned itself off.  When I tried to turn it back on, it wouldn’t do so right away and took over an hour to respond.  The next time I tried to play it, it turned itself off for no reason again.  I’ve had it in a protective sleeve so I didn’t notice until today that it was also seems to be overheating when it does this.

I have formatted it numerous times and reinstalled the firmware.  Nothing seems to work.  I think it might be reacting to static electricity but this doesn’t seem normal for a mp3 player that people carry around it their pockets.  Does anyone have a suggestion of something I should try?  If not, I’m going to try to exchange it for a new one.  It’s to the point where I can only listen to between 5 and 10 songs before it shuts itself down, even with the timer set at an hour.  Thanks.

If it’s shutting off without you doing it, and heating up something’s wrong. Exchange it where you got it if possible, other wise call (don’t email) SanDisk Tech Support for an RMA.