Fuze turning on and off by itself

My two month old Fuze works fine, except it’s starting to act funny. If I listen to it on my walk,  or just have it in my pocket as I sit down, it turns on and off by itself. It seems like just the most lightest touch makes it restart.

 I can’t think of anything I’ve done to it (dropped it on the floor, etc) and I haven’t found anything online. Has anyone else had this problem? Can I fix it, or should I get a new one?

This sounds like a hardware problem. You should get it replaced. If the retailer will replace it - that is probably the best solution.

Otherwise you need to register it on the Sandisk support site (click the big ‘SanDisk’ at the top left to get there), and get an RMA via your E-Box.

RMAs take a while, so the retailer will be faster.