Fuze Sound Quality

Hi there, i’ve had my Sansa Fuze for a few months now and it was perfect! But lately i noticed the sound quality has went down quite a bit. I didnt change any of the options that i had before the problem, so i thought it was my earphones acting up, so i replaced them, yet the problem was still there. So once i figured out that it wasnt the earphones, i formatted the Fuze and Reset Factory Setting, still didnt do anything, messed about with the settings just to see if it would go back to normal… still no luck.

Its as if the sound is muffled and just does not sound good at all. But also along with that, sometimes the sound stops completely and there seems to be a sort of clicking noise.

Could anyone please give me any info as to what could be the matter with it? Or how i could get a replacement?

Thanks in advance

Sounds like a job for SanDisk Tech Support.

If they can’t figure it out, they can issue an RMA# (Returned Merchandise Authorization) to get you a new one if it’s still under warranty.

You might try one little thing before returning it.  Spray some WD-40 on the the earphone plug (the connector, not the earpiece).  Then insert and remove the plug several times in the Fuze jack.  It may be that the sound is muffled because of a bad connection.  This may also explain the intermittant sound (clicking).   If this doesn’t work, then you should just return the Fuze.  DO NOT spray WD-40 directly into the jack.


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