Fuze Shuts Down When Charging & Backlight Off

This has started happening randomly in the last month - and it’s bugging the heck out of me.  I usually leave my fuze docked at my desk - paused through a huge playlist.  When I’m not using it, the backlight’s off - and I can usually press the center or play button to have the backlight come on and then start playing music.  The instant on from my dock has been great and worked flawlessly for about 8 months.

Now, if I pause the music - and leave it there for any amount of time, if the backlight goes off - the Fuze completely shuts off too.  Which is a pain because I have to wait for the library to rebuild - and I have 24gigs of music loaded on this thing.

Yes - I checked the power and sleep settings, and they’re disabled.  I went back to stock settings - and that didn’t help.  I tried swapping out docks, cables, power supplys and even wall outlets - and nothing’s helped.  Sometimes things will work as they should for a couple of days - then it’ll start screwing up again.

Is there anything else I can try?  At this point, I’ve definitely narrowed it down to the Fuze itself - and am probably going to try formatting it and reloading the music prior to attempting a warranty RMA through Sansa.