Fuze not playing certain songs - problem linked to 'recently added'

My Sansa Fuze is putting ._  before a bunch of songs in the songs list. And those songs will not play.

This seems to be happening to songs that I newly add and so all of my Recently Added songs won’t play as they all have the ._ before them.

It’s really annoying because I bought the Fuze for the Recently Added feature

I use a Mac

It’s your Mac that’s putting these ‘ghost’ files in for its Finder function. The name is the same as the original files except for the ._ and they are 0 kb so they confuse your Fuze. There are applications you can use to remove these or do it manually.

When Mac OSX rips albums, it makes a folder for the Artist with, inside it, a folder for the Album and a folder called MACOSX with those stupid little finder files.

Go into each Artist file and send over the Album, and leave MACOSX on your computer.