Fuze+ not being recognized on my computer via USB

So my Fuze+ has recently stopped being recognized as a USB device by my PC. I’ve tried several different USB cables and I’ve tried it on other PCs, but nothing gives. Whatsmore is, devices such as my smartphone WILL work and connect as a mass storage device or what have you when plugged into the same port with the same cable.

I have tried setting the USB format on my device to MTP and MSC, as well as auto detect. I’ve tried reformatting my device, but the only thing that’s done is rendered it completely useless.

It, weirdly enough, WILL charge if plugged into another front USB port that only allows devices such as my smartphone and indeed the Fuze+ to charge, but not be recognized as a storage device.

So what gives?

How did you reformat the player? Did you try connecting it directly to a rear usb port ( without using a hub or usb extension cable) while holding the volume down button as it is being connected? Holding the volume down button while connecting forces MSC mode.

It doesn’t “connect”. Like there’s no connecting screen. Though interestingly enough, if I plug it in while the player is off, it will turn on, but it won’t charge or do anything in particular. The only thing it will do is if I plug it into that particular “charge-only” port, it will charge then.

Also I reformatted it in the options menu of the player.

If you hold the volume down button while connecting it to your pc, release the volume button  several seconds after it was connected, then open Windows Explorer, does the player show up in Windows Explorer? Not getting a connect screen doesn’t mean it hasn’t connected.

No, it doesn’t show up in Explorer. I tried looking through Device Manager too, there’s just no indication of anything being connected.

What else is weird is that if I have the player plugged in, it doesn’t charge or connect as a storage device, but it doesn’t let me turn it off, or rather, it restarts if I hold the power button long enough.

So the port on the device itself isn’t broken, it knows its connected but it won’t be recognized by Windows or charge.

So does anybody else have anything to say or should i just throw it away? as I can’t get it replaced in my country most likely.