Fuze installed byt everytime disconnected it disappears

Hello Everyone,

i’m new here just bought my Fuze 4Gb and i have problems form the beginning.  First i couldn’t connect Fuze to the PC, had to refresh drivers and somehow i managed to connect. Installed it with MTP selected, so it showed in Devices and Printers as Sansa Fuze, i moved some music to it and updated software. After that it is still as a Device in Devices and Printers but i couldn’t connect it. Windows tells me that Device is Unknown. In Device MAnager -> Properties it says "  Windows stopped this device due to known problems. (Kode 43)" I thought that maybe it’s because of new firmwate so i tried to manually install it again, ofcourse not without troubles… Still somehow i managed to install it again and now i have two Devices: Sansa Fuze and Sansa Fuze 4Gb in Devices. I thought that now it will be all ok, but i was pretty wrong, after unplugging USB from the PC and plugging it again Windows again says to me that this is Device Unknown. Its pretty annoing to refresh drivers all the time and restarting Windows. 

Can anyone tell me what’s going on? I have Windows 7, but I tried also on my friends XP and Vista and it’s the same.

I would try deleting them out of the devices, restarting computer, installing sansa updater and run that.

I did as You said,removed everything it installed again i run Sansa Updater(it did nothing, only Manual and Media Converter) but when i unplugged it from USB its Unknown again… Its pretty tiring to have to install it everytime i want to use it…

What version USB are your connectors on your computer?  2.0?  1.0?

2.0 i thought it was USB fault, but it works fine with HDD, mouse and other stuff… maybe its a faulty player i got?

what version of the firmware is on your device?  It is starting to resemble an issue I had before

Also try this: http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=sansafuse&thread.id=8809

its 02.02.28F upgraded from 02.02.26 if i remember corect

Not sure what the difference is, but mine is A, not F.

I had a problem with my computer not recognizing mine as well.  I used the method in the link above to fix that.

Also, if you know how to get into disk management on your computer see if it actually shows up in there as a drive.

Changing to MSC doesn’t change anything, its still an Unknown Device in USB controlers in Device manager. Windows doesn’t see it at all, Linux doesn’t see it in MSC mode even MacOs doesn’t see it. Unless i uninstall it in Device Manager ang restart the PC it can’t see it. Even after doing so its like random to succesfully install it…

I did not read the part where you said you tried it on a friends machine.  At this point I would have to finally agree it might be hardware related, either

1: The cable you are using is bad - likely

2: The port on your Fuze is bad - likely

I think its possible that’s a players fault, tomorrow im going to give it back to the shop and try my luck with a different one. If it fails too, well i’ll be forced to buy different one… ;(

Thanx for Your help snake:)

Sounds like a faulty player. Exchange it–should be fine.

Yep it was a players fault, got another one and it works perfectly. Topic closed;)