Fuze freezes when adjust volume on thumbwheel.

When I turn on the Sansa 4GB, if I use the thumbwheel to adjust the volume, I get a white screen, frozen.  I then have to reset the player.  My fuze is brand new.  Help.

I have a similar problem with my Fuze 8GB.  It worked fine for nearly a year until recently - now any attempt to adjust volume in Radio mode causes the unit to freeze.  Volume works fine in Music mode.  I updated the firmware to v02.03.31, but the problem remains. 

The same problem started for me when I upgraded my firm ware.  To stop this from happening I need play music before going back to the radio.  It is very annoying.  Does anyone have a fix for this?

There’s now a .33 firmware for the v2. Try it–look in the stickies near the top of the forum page.

my sansa does the samething but i think i figured out what it is. always SAFELY  EJECT device from computer

chrging on XBOX/360 remove when xbox is on when you turn off xbox white screen appears due to the process that was cut short from xbox power. when the xbox is off it will charge and music resumes. the screen is from failed shutdown or disconnection process from how long i have had my fuze. but if your sansa clip for some reason dosent start what you want to do is hold the power switch up and hold the home button and same goes for the fuze.

I updated the firmware to v02.03.33 (released 5/20/10), and the problem was resolved!