Sansa Fuze 2GB no volume

i tried playing my fuze today and there was no volume coming from it (its been about 2 months since ive touched it).  i tried different headphones and plugging the computer speakers to it and still nothing. everything works on it, it plays music, radio, videos, but just no sound coming from it. i also tried resetting it, but still nothing. Help anyone.

Did you try resetting it?

When a track is playing, try rotating the scroll wheel. What is the response of the display?  Is the “volume” indication advancing in the display?

Bob  :dizzy_face:

I have exactly the same problem. Its new, worked for 2 days and then the sound went dead. Pretty bad quality. Wish I paid a littlebit more for a ipod nano. Any help is appreciated. I even changed the earphone but of no use.

hmmm… try reloading the the firmware first… if the same issue occur, call sandisk. most likely it needs a replacement.

To repeat the question above: What do you see when you rotate the wheel?