Fuze freezes after deleting an FM recording.


I have to reset my fuze every time I delete a recorded radio file.  I do not if any other users are experiencing the same?


The fuze acts frozen during any delete function.  I think during a delete it not only deletes the file but updates the database as well.  I don’t use the delete function on the player for this reason.

If you wait long enough, it should come back.  But yeah, it seems like it freezes ,but it doesn’t

Hopefully this will be one of the ‘bug fixes’ in firmware realease due out today. Sansafix said yesterday they didn’t have enough time (?) to do everything they wanted to, so if a particular bug or feature is not fixed or added in this one, we’ll have to wait for the next release.

Yes its in the release.

Post it already!!! (just kiddin, us east coasters forget you guys just woke up… :smileyvery-happy: )

Thanks for all the replies.  I just upgraded my Fuze firmware but still, have that freezing problem while deleting.  Thanks for pointing me that is not frozen and that only takes times to delete those files.  I am happy just by knowing that my Fuze is not a having a hardware problem, and that this issue will be corrected in the future.  By the way, it takes a minute on my 8GB Fuze.