"Delete Song" Means a 90-second Freeze

I thought I’d rip a lot of CD’s, put them on the Fuze, and delete the ones I don’t really want while I’m playing through them.

But I can’t.

Turns out the unit freezes every time I hit “delete song.” Average Freeze Time = 90 seconds. (firmware v01.01.22a.)

 This unit is new during Christmastide, so it’s the latest firmware (i think) and a late-model 8GB Fuze. Any suggestions?

Thanks and Happy New Year !!

 Chris in VA

from the release notes in the firmware thread this is a known issue.

Known Issues
• It takes a long time (2+ min) to delete song if device has lots of content
• There is a pause (less than 1 second) when selecting “Play All” – transition not smooth
• Rating info is lost following database refresh on songs loaded in microSD
• With Rhapsody channels content, press and hold to add Artist to GoList may not work.  Work around is navigate to Album level to add entire albums from one Artist

The delete function is pretty useless because of that freeze. I use the rating system to keep track of what I want to delete, then delete music from the Fuze when its attached to the computer.

Until they get this sorted out in a future f/w update, just delete files via your computer. And yes, they know about it and are working on it. :wink: