When I try to delete photos, the screen freezes on “delete photo”. I power down for 10 secs. but still cannot delete. Help

I’m looking on this forum for an answer to the same problem. When I click YES to confirm delete, Fuze locks up. But in my case the file is deleted after resetting. This happens when deleting photos and songs. HELP

New firmware will help,  stay tuned for a month.

When I delete a song the Fuze will lock up for five minutes or more, but it always comes back to life eventually.  I think it’s reindexing all my songs, about 2800 of them, which is why it takes so long.  I don’t delete songs very often, fortunately.

I have the same problem, Someone says me I must waiting.

It’s a joke ? 

Apparantly it is a firmware issue that will be fixed when the new firmware comes out soon. Until then, use your computer to delete files (music, photos) from your FUZE.

Where is the new firmare ??,I already stay for a month ?

. . . the new firmware comes out SOON. (This means there is NO definite date)

Until then , use your computer to delete files (music, photos) from your FUZE. DO NOT USE THE DELETE FUNCTION ON YOUR PLAYER.

There’s no guarantee the new firmware will solve the problem, anyway.

That’s true O_B, there’s been bugs supposedly fixed with a firmware update before that didn’t get fixed as promised, but I was just quoting Sansafix (3rd post from the top of this thread) and giving him/them (developers) the benefit of the doubt. :wink:

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I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt because I really have no choice.  The Sansa firmware writers, whoever they are, are currently the only game in town.  But I can’t help being cynical about FW updates. I’d already had an E280 V1 for 18 months before buying my Fuze and the updates there have been infrequent and abysmal.  The current Fuze FW, for all its faults, is much better than was available on that player.

If you want a FW that solves problems and can be made to fit your usage style, you want Rockbox.  It’s a little hard to figure out sometimes, but worth the effort.  It’s not available on the Fuze just yet, but I hear the developers have made some important steps in that direction recently.  Whoopie!