Fuze Does Not Read MicroSD

I have a 4gb Kingston MicroSD HC card. When I insert it into my 8gb Fuze, the Fuze does the media refresh but the music on the card does not show when I search for it. How do I get the music from my MicroSD card to show on the Fuze?

Also, When I connect the USB cable that came with the Fuze, it does not recharge the Fuze. The computer that I am using does not have any Sansa Fuze software installed since this is a work computer, but Windows XP does recognize that is is a Sansa Fuze when I connect it to the PC. Why doesnt the Fuze recharge when I connect it to the PC?

Also, I did update to the latest Firmware a week ago.

There have been a lot of problems being reported with that particular brad of microSD HC cards.


Nevermind my second question. My Fuze is chargin now. Missed the part on the manual that says to try the back USB port, which worked.

Only suggestion I have: Make sure your music is in a Music folder on your SD card.  I used Windows Media Player to sync the card, which is probably the most failsafe method (maybe).

Well, I have my music in subfolders within the Music folder. I havent tried to sync it with WMP since I dont really like to use it but i’ll give it try tonight.

Thanks for the advice.