Fuze+ Clock

If none of the other bugs or mistakes in the firmware are going to get fixed, PLEASE at least remove the clock in the next firmware. It has NEVER worked!!! I do not need a clock on my MP3 player. That is what my watch and cell phone are for.

Clock works fine for me, and has always. I use the clock when I forget my watch.

it was messed up for me and i reloaded the firmware manualy and

then reformated and reset the settings and that alone didn’t work until

i plugged it in to windows media player once, and nows its been fine for months

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Clock has never worked for me either, no change with any of the firmware updates. I faithfully followed the steps given elsewhere in this forum and no difference. I am using Rockbox currently, and the clock still does not work, so I’m guessing that NO f/w update will EVER fix this.