Fuze 2Gb Radio Tone adjusment


Just bought a Fuze only problem is I can’t adjust EQ /Tone settings for the Radio works fine on MP3’s etc  you can adjust the FM tuner EQ on the Sonys easily enough! there must be a button I haven’t tried Please advise.

The EQ does not control the radio on any of the Sansa mp3 players.

Just sent this to their help desk: Waiting 4 reply!

Hi, having looked through your forum it would seem that the EQ can not be adjusted for the Radio which is “Crazy”!! you can do it on the Sony’s, surely it only needed to be fed into the pre amp section! is there a similar model same layout /sound quality that you can adjust EQ on radio, which is mainly what I will be using it for + Meditation subliminal & Binaural beats MP3’s so quality is not so important with the MP3 player. other wise I guess i’ll be sending it back & buying a Sony…

P.S. slightly mis leading that you say it has EQ function but that this doesn’t work on the Radio, it’s like buying a car radio /Cd/mp3 player & finding out theres no tone adj for the Tuner!.. Please advise


I already advised you. Read my lips . . .

The EQ DOES NOT work with the FM radio function on this, or any SanDisk-made mp3 player.

I don’t care if the Sony, or any other player does . . . this one does not. This is the way they are made; the hardware configuration does not allow for any firmware updates to add this. If you need this function, buy another device.

Whats your problem had a personality bypass sun shine! i’ll give you read my lips!!!