No EQ on radio

I have had my Fuze for a few days and it is great. I have two ipods that I don’t even listen to anymore because of the difference in the sound quality. I finally tried out the radio today and it has great reception, however the sound was a little flat. I went to the EQ and tried a different EQ setting and noticed that none of the presets seemed to make any difference. I went into the custom settings and changed each band from low to high and there was not any difference. I then went back to an mp3 and made the same type of changes, and they were easily noticeable. Is anyone else noticing this problem?



The EQ in your Fuze is part of the digital decoder section.  The FM radio is a separate chip within your machine, and it does not run through the same signal path (yes, EQ on the radio would indeed be cool).  The EQ option is disabled when listening to the FM radio.

Bob  :wink: