fuze + 16 GB mp3

Is the sansa fuze + 16 GB mp3 player the biggest one made by sansa fuze +? What’s the largest micro sd card supported by this player?

16GB is the biggest (black only, if it matters): http://www.sandisk.com/microsites/sansafuzeplus/index.html

I use a 16GB card in it, but currently the boot-up time is so horrendous with a large card, you may not want to. Hoping that next firmware update will solve this issue. I’ve gone back to my older Fuze, 8GB, with a 16GB card, and boot is quick. Don’t know why the Plus is such ■■■■ in this regard.

There is another post in this forum discussing latest 64GB cards, and a comment about 40GB being the officially(?) recognized limit. Perhaps # of folders and files is the issue here.

Yes, 16GB is the largest internal memory model. You can use up to a 32GB Micro SDHC card.

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I presently have a 4 gig fuze pus w a 32 card and the upload time is super quick. I guess the  16 gig is different