Future Support

I have searched around here and seen some posts about flac support. While reading I have seen some Admin/Mod posts saying they have updates on the way… Some of these posts were MONTHS old but still no updates.

I have even seen some posts with links to outside websites saying Flac was to be added to the 4GB version Clip when it came

Has the Clip been forgotton now? Should we expect no future support now? Is this is for updates?

I guess we will find out if i get a responce.



Is the Firmware Open Source? If not, why not make it? I am sure more people would buy MP3 players that support such actions.

If it is… BRAVO :slight_smile:

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Well, there is an 8GB Clip supposedly going to be released this November or December, so I don’t think SanDisk has “given” up on it just yet.


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Its coming. We havent given up.  Your patience will be rewarded soon.  It should happen this month (Sept)

Yee-hah–revised firmware within 2 weeks!  Thanks!  (Just make sure it has folder view …)


@miikerman wrote:

Yee-hah–revised firmware within 2 weeks!  Thanks!  (Just make sure it has folder view …)





Oh, Lord, if we get folder view, this forum’s membership is liable to go crazier than an outhouse rat!  As for me, just bring on that 8GB Clip!





Sorry to dissapoint,  no folder view.

What is folder view?

The basic system your computer uses–simply folders with files in it.  The easiest/simplest way to organize your music–especially handy where one usually rips full CDs.  No need for ID3 tags.

Sigh.   :frowning:

Navigation by folders is the most important thing, especially for podcasts and lectures that were made at different times and may be missing tags, or have slight variations in tags that will cause them to be sorted in an unexpected manner.

@sansafix wrote:
Sorry to dissapoint,  no folder view.

And what about support for ‘Album Artist’ tag?

It would solve one of the issues of the tag-based browsing, the handling of compilation albums. Besides, it’s the default for Artist browsing in WMP and it’s also supported by Winamp.

No Album-Artist Tag support.