New model of Sansa Clip soon?

Hey everyone, I’m on the verge of buying the Sansa Clip if it supports FLAC!  Is there a new model of the Clip that will be released soon that supports FLAC???  I thought I read the latest firmware supports FLAC but now I’m not sure.

Maybe there will be a new one soon to compete with the new ipod nano (supposed to be out next week?)

it’s not the model that needs to be released. it’s the firmware, which is available for any sansa clip. and if i read correctly on these forums, supposedly the new firmware with flac support should be released this month ( september ). don’t know if it’s true, dunno if sandisk is on schedule, but i’m waiting for it just as many others are… 

It would be nice to have a space bump too (especially for flac)!  And I like black but that’s only offered in 2GB.