FLAC and other lossless support

Considering the new 4Gb version and its good sound quality, it starts to become reasonable to support free lossless audio formats such as FLAC.

In my case, besides the audio quality matter, it is mainly a practical matter, since very often I get hold of music on formats that I then have the need to convert to WAV or MP3.

In my point of view the Clip, and other Sansa players, would be sure winners of they would go FLAC and beyound.

This is a shout out to the Sansa team from an undecided buyer.

Cheers to all readers

Ogg and FLAC have already been announced as coming soon to both the Clip and Fuze.

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Oh, those are great news. I’ve seen that the new firmware update supports Ogg, but didn’t know about the plans for FLAC inclusion.

I’m guessing that this FLAC support will also be added in a firmware update fashion. As soon as this comes out I’llbe buying my first Sansa player.

Thank you for your post and sorry for my late reply, but no PC in my vacations.


I’m waiting for FLAC support too. It’s not just the case of sound quality. Look here:


There are many subliminal relaxation recordings, that are completly useless when compressed with format like mp3.

Dear Sansa devs, please add FLAC support, it’s simple format…

coming soon ? :smileyvery-happy:

as i remember, tthe latest firmware 01.01.29 (with ogg support) was released almost 3 monthes ago.

So what now?

Maybe, in 2009 the newer ver. will be released

I hereby second the request for FLAC support.

The only audio containers (formats) that I use are MP3, OGG and FLAC. IF the Sansa supported FLAC reproduction I would most definitely and finally throw away my (rockboxed) iPod Mini 4GB from 4 years ago an replace it with a Sansa.

Seriously, FLAC is a free lossless audio codec, which means SanDisk wouldnt have to pay for a licence to use this format.

Please support the format in question and you will have one more customer, and many more!!

Wait- I thought I read something about FLAC being supported in the latest firmware thread…  Is this not the case?  All my music is encoded in FLAC.  OGG is nice but it’s a hassle to recode :frowning:

I also wait with impatience  for FLAC support! 


Wasn’t that the commercial?  FLAC is coming, for those who love to zorch as much memory as possible.

Might be interesting to play with…

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Another potential Clip buyer - but it definitely hinges on FLAC support.  I don’t want to bother converting my archives to MP3 or Ogg.  Come on, Sandisk!