Future Audible Support?


I’ve been a customer for years and my DAP just died. I ran out to grab a replacement and thought the C250 fit all of my needs. I was sure that since my lesser DAP worked with Audible.COM, so would this otherwise nice C250. Boy was I dissapointed when I got home from BestBuy today… Since I cannot find any clear plans to support this format I guess I have to return this device and find a manufacturer that has clear plans for Audible.Com


Like everyone in this thread, I am very frustrated with the lack of Audible support for the e200R series.  Great player with that one major flaw.   Makes me envious of my wife’s iPod sometimes…

With that said, I have figured out a short term solution until Sandisk gets their act together:  Tunebite.  This program allows for a legal copy of your digital content through your PC’s sound card.  Not the most elegant solution, but allows you to make an MP3 copy of the .au file.  I know all of you are saying that this may be illegal, but the way I see it, I pay $15/month for Rhapsody to Go and $15/month for Audible.  I should be able to listen the content I LEGALLY PURCHASED AND TO WHICH I PAY FOR RIGHTS on any device I dang well please.

The website is here:  http://tunebite.com/en/remove_drm/index.html

By the way, this works for MP4/itunes tracks as well.

I am not the most comuter savvy person so I have downloaded the program but am not sure how I can get my Audible files onto this and then onto my mp3 player. If you can help I would appreciate it. Either here or at [Grudowski380@verizon.net. ](mailto:Grudowski380@verizon.net.  THANKS)  THANKS!!! I look forward to being able to utilize my  wasted monthly membership at Audible. My credits are just about ready to roll off again and I really want to be able to use them!@

Dang, and here I was going to bring up Turnbite myself, until hbost beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Anyway, yes, Turnbite, or something similar, is certainly an option, even if it costs money (though hardly a lot), and it’s only a partial solution at best… my audiobooks of choice at the moment is Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, which are usually four to five separate tracks lasting eight hours apiece. :wink: Definitely a situation where the usual Audible bookmarking and chapter-selection options would come in handy… but better than nothing, especially when we’re dealing with an MP3 player that’s bloody perfect in almost every way.

Anyway, Grudowski380, Turnbite’s pretty user-friendly, so I’d suggest looking through the helpfiles on it after you’ve got it all set up. Essentially, though, Turnbite’s a fancy loopback-recorder program (that is, a program that records the sound playing on your computer at the time), with the convenience of marking the exact start and end of the file. So you load up your Audible file into Turnbite and have it record it into MP3 format, then load it onto your Sansa in WMP/Y!/Rhapsody, or whatever your music-playing client of choice is, like any other song.

As for your AudibleListener credits… don’t let those just expire! Keep in mind that while credits may expire, purchased books are yours to keep until the Rapture, the sun exploding, or whatnot. :smileyvery-happy: I myself have an Audible purchase I made back when I had my first MP3 player (A Diamond Rio 500, with a glorious 64megs of internal memory) that I still have complete access to. :smiley:

I just had to add to this discussion.  I just recently purchased the Sansa e270 since my other mp3 player just died on me. The only thing that I liked better about my old mp3 player was the fact that it had audible support and the bookmark feature.  I can play audible files on my PDA but the bookmark feature is what I used the most. I record my lecture classes and replay them before exams.  If I am in the middle of the recording and have to stop the bookmark was a great feature.  Please add the audible support and bookmark function to your otherwise wonderful player.

I am soley registering also for asap audio firmware update. I love my 280 except for that one problem I wanted to listen to

an audio book and was totally frustrated when I couldn’t and so the debate still stands as to take it back or keep it, I really

do like all the other features.

Add my vote for audible support

HOWEVER - everyone here needs to realize that Real, not SanDisk, creates firmware for the E200R.

It is not in Real’s interest to creat this functionality (how does it help Real, and their subscription based revenue model?)

My hope is to get this functionality.  But I can only really see this happening if SanDisk does more to drive support of certain features on the E200R.

For more history on firmware dev, missing /buggy features, etc - see http://real.lithium.com/real/board?board.id=Rhapsody_MP3_Players

Lawrence  E260R and E280R

Not entirely true. Since Rhapsody doesn’t have an audiobook section at all to it (though if it did, that would be enough of a reason for me to switch!), there’s no reason for Real to not include support for Audible’s format on the e200R series, and quite a few reasons that not including it is hurting sales. Also, I don’t think that Real’s the one who controls the firmware-creation on the player; if that were true, Baggage’s original reply to this message wouldn’t be correct.

That said, why the heck does the newest Sansa player Sandisk released, the Sansa Clip, have support for Audible’s format? Why is Audible support completely skipped over for Sandisk’s ‘flagship’ players, but included on the cheaper models with less features? I suppose it’d be easy enough to simply pick up a Sansa Express for the purpose of Audible audiobooks, but it seems kind of silly to spend another $50 on another player, especially when the one I have is so perfect otherwise.

(Edit: Gah. Baggage, not Babbage.)

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I can see the spoken word option, but how do I install my ebooks into the spoken word section?

If you’re talking about the ‘Spoken Word’ section under the Music Guide in Rhapsody, you don’t; that’s simply the genre that Rhapsody has for stand-up comedy and famous speechs, like from JFK, Noam Chomsky, and Martin Luther King Jr. Granted, it may be nice to have King’s famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech handy, but… that’s not for Audible stuff.

Speaking of which… and now the Sansa View has Audible support? Seriously, what the heck? I starting to feel like I’ve been seriously ripped off not waiting apparently the month or so for Sansa to come out with a player that’s functionally equivilent to the player I have now, has the one feature I’d really like (Audible support), and for the same price as what I paid for my e280R…

Seriously, guys, this isn’t funny. Audible support is clearly something you’re quite willing to continue doing, but for some reason you completely skipped over it with some of your products, and I’d really like to know why.

Hear, Hear!  I think an official strategy statement from SanDisk is in order.  Will you add Audible support to the e200 and other products that don’t currently have it?  Is Audible support your goal for future products?

Well, given they’ve included Audible support for every player they’ve come out with since the Sansa Connect, I’d say they definitely plan to support Audible in the future, yes. Which makes this descision all the more bizarre…

Thank you everyone for your input. The product feature suggestion forums are monitored and all suggestions are noted and taken for consideration.

Firmware updates can add additional features and product enhancements. Audible support for the e200 series may be added in the future, but unfortunately guarantees for feature implementations cannot be made.

Thanks again.

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Well, first off, Leguna, thank you for taking the time to reply and assure us that the mods are here and that you all’re keeping track of these things. It’s nice to know. :smiley:

However… I should mention that’s already been mentioned by Baggage in the very first reply to the OP’s post: that you’ll consider it, but don’t have an ETA. I can understand that may be the only response you can give… working for a small software company’s sales and support department, I’ve had to tell customers that myself several times. My question is, though, is there anything else you can tell us? Like why Audible support was skipped over completely for the e200 line and the Sansa Connect, but is included on other players, including the ‘budget’ entry-level models? It seems somewhat… incongruous.

That said, though, I’m already finding your level of support far superior to some companies I can name (*cough* RCA/Thomson *cough*…) So, thank you again for your reply, and any more info you can give us. :smiley:

Just to add, I’m waiting impatiently for Audible support on the Sansa e280.  Listening to books is what I use MP3 players for not music.


One feature that would help greatly when listening to books and podcasts is a non-linear fast-forward operation.  That is to say when the forward button is held the position-in-track should accelerate.  When repositioning within tracks that are an hour in length, or longer, it is painful !!! (literally in the arm) to hold the button while the position slowly increases forward.  I note that audible used on other players I have owned retains the position for multiple books at the same time - great idea.

I often find when listening to a book or podcast that I accidently press the record button while switching off the key-lock switch.  After stopping the recording, the player has lost its position-in-track and needs to be (very) slowly repositioned.  It also seems to me the positioning of the record button next to the key-lock switch defeats the whole purpose of key locking in the first place!

Somehow I made a mistake… I "ASS"umed the Audible format was part of the package. Too bad education and learning is not part of the experience.

So now I have a Sansa e280 which cannot read Audible books…  We’ll check for future updates.

Please add my vote for making this format available.

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Add my name for the audible support.  I have a E270 who won’t play my audible.com files…

I just noticed on Audible’s Devce Centerthat the Sansa e200v2 series is now listed as having Audible support.  Yet SanDisk’s page for this device  (http://www.sandisk.com/Products/Catalog(1166)-SanDisk_Sansa_e200_Series_MP3_Players.aspx) still does not mention Audible support.  Anyone know what’s up?


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That’s an extremely good question… one may think that they’re going to release a new version of the e200 that does have support for Audible, but quite honestly that doesn’t make any sense, for a number of reasons.

  • Sandisk already has out the Sansa View, which is just as good, and even better, than the e200 series… so why re-release an inferior model? Unless the new e200s would cost less than the View… but not likely.
  • If there was a new version that included Audible support, how hard would it to be for them to modify the firmware to make existing ones work with it?
  • Re-releasing an existing player like that would be a huge PR mistake, since a lot of people (myself included) would feel very cheated… and frankly I don’t see Sandisk doing that.
    It’s perhaps more possible that the ‘v2’ may stand for, say, version 2 of the firmware on the device… maybe. If that’s the case, there may be more things they plan to implement, which can only be good.

Baggage, Laguna, if you could tell us what this means, we would greatly appreciate it. :smiley: And thanks in advance.