Future Audible Support?


I just purchased an e260r and I have to say that overall it is an excellent player, (for the most part) well done!  The only real disappointment I have with the device is that it’s not compatible w/ audible files.  I realize that other Sansa players do have this capability, but there are aspects of all the other models which make them less desireable for me, so I would like to know if there are any plans to add support for audible in future firmware revisions of the e200 or e200r?  It’s disappointing that the e200r does SO many things well, but lacks this one very basic but important feature which is available in even your least expensive players.


Hello Jmcgoblue!  Welcome to the forums!

Future support for Audible is something we can consider for a future firmware update… since this is a suggestion, there is no ETA to give.

I second the upgrade to audible. I didn’t realize that I could not download my books from Audible! Maybe it means a trip to Circuit City where I bought this thing yesterday!
Whats the big deal in upgrading the firmware?

I am also HUGELY in favor of audible, I thought since so many other Sansa models were supported this would be a no-brainer.  Until the firmware upgrade, does anyone have workaround?  Thanks!

I AGREE!! I am a great suporter of Sandisk and push it to everyone I know in the market for an mp3. I own one of the first players and that is how I got “hooked” on Audible files for my mp3 player. A flyer came in the box with it and I have been listening ever since. When I was ready for an upgrade I never gave it a second thought and went straight for the sandisks. I guess I was wrong since the one feature that I use the most is not available on this system. I am not sure why it is a problem for the upgrade to occur. After contacting Audible they seem to think that the "key " is already available since all other products are compatible. I really would like to see Sandisk recognize thier fault and remedy this sooner not later. At least tell us how to use these files in the meantime so that we can continue to be supporters/ unpaid promoters of your products. The biggest mistake is having unhappy customers and yet the best advertising is the kind you get for free.

I too have otld my friends to get San disk products, but idk. I need the BASIC features in the newer products too. like GAPLESS and AUDIBLE and BETTER EQ!

i registered just to chime in on this.  i would love to have audible support on my rhapsody sansa e280r!

Would another “second” to the suggestion of future Audible support for other models of the Sansa help?  I had thought when I bought my c250 that all of the Sansas were Audible compatible.  Oops.  I am enjoying my Sansa regardless, make no mistake, but I would love to be able to access Audible with it…

I also registered just so I could voice my support for a firmware upgrade that includes audible support.  PLEASE!

I’ll also add my request… Could we please have Audible support for c240 (c200 series in general would be nice :smiley:)

Another vote for audible please!!! 

I have been looking for a new mp3 player which I only use for podcasts and audio books.  My old player does not have enough capacity for the material I like to listen to.  It frustrates me that all manufactures call the audio features “music” or “songs” and assume this is the only use. 

Having done a lot of research I have narrowed my choice to the Sansa e280 which has everything I need EXEPT AUDIBLE FORMAT!!!  Given the difficulty in converting Audible to mp3 and the having to restart an 8 hour book from the beginning each time, it makes the Sansa a lot less useful.


I just purchased the e200r.  If I can’t access Audible within the next week, I will return the device and exchange it for a different MP3 player that will let me use my Audible books.  In fact, I may not wait a week.  This purchase may have been a mistake.

I was just about to hit the key to purchase a new Sansa Connect, when I took a look at this forum to make sure it would have Audible support (as none was shown on the Audible site).  Now that I’ve learned there is no support, I’ve taken my finger off that key and stopped shopping.  I will not buy an MP3 player that does not support Audible as I enjoy listening to audio books and I’m not buying a model in hopes that support will be added later on in firmware upgrades.  Launch your product to function immediately with the features your customers want, not to be patched up later on.  (That’s what Microsoft is known for.) 

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My husband bought me a Sansa 280 for my birthday over a month ago so I could put books on it. Due to family problems ect. I never got around to trying to do it until a couple of days ago and discovered it will not let you put books on it. He spent a lot of money for it and thought it was alright for that purpose. It is too late to return it and I am so disappointed. I did not want it for music so much but to put books on. PLEASE UPDATE WHATEVER TO MAKE IT WORK!!!

I emphatically endorse the plea for support for the .aa file format.  Sandisk has supplied such software for many of their previous device products.  The e280 is a high capacity product that I bought precisely to handle Audible books.  I should have checked first to see that the required software was in the Audible device supported list before I purchased.  If I had found that it was not I would have bought someone else’s high capacity product.  I have bought a host of CF, CD and Cruzier products and I could not believe that Sandisk would fail to support their customers like they have in this case.  I am getting use from my Sansa with some podcasts and some music that I use only marginally.  But this has been a bitter disappointment.  I have sent repeated emails but still not .aa software.  Has Sandisk stopped recognizing customer loyalty and customer service.?  Is it that dificult to modify previous software to the new high end product?  I’ve always thought that Sandisk was the Gold Standard in hardware and service.  I hope that reputation will not be found to be misplaced.

OOOPS  Make that CD  typo SD for Secure Digital (Them little ones)

I have to admit that I find the lack of Audible support very curious, if not disappointing, as well. Especially since earlier versions of Sandisk’s players have that option… I really like the player, but I may have to look into returning it to Best Buy, where I purchased it today, if I can find a player that has the options I am looking for.

I really am beyond frustration with sandisk. After voicing a concern regarding the lack of audible I was directed to this site. Obviously it is an issue for many customers, Especially since there are surely those that just read the site and do not enter opinions. However, I am also beginning to wonder about the concern that sandisk has ( or does not have) for the customers loyalty. Where is the response from the company? Even to let you know a timetable of when you can possibly expect the update. I am waiting ( as well as looking into selling this product on ebay and purchasing another brand) for some results. Is it really that hard to respond to your customers on an issue that is so disappointing to so many?

 It would be great if you would put it on the schedule there are more of us out there that think that audible support would be a great.


Add me to the list of customers who will not purchase another Sandisk product unless it includes Audible support.  I also would like to see support for long WMA and MP3 files, including bookmarking support.