Fuse refuses to turn on.

I charged it overnight and tried to turn it on, nothing.

I updated it before that. (I downloaded Sansa Updater + Sansa Media Converter)

It CONNECTED to the computer and it says it is charging.  Rhapsody detects it and all, but whenever I put music into it…it either resets or deletes the music and I have to keep putting it back in again and again.

I’m 100% sure I have a defective product and am going to return it to the place I purchased it from for a “working” unit and I hope that it actually works or I will just ask for arefund and move to a working product.

Have you tried resetting it?

Multiple and multiple times.

I did everything I could about find on this topic.

Sounds defective. Maybe the battery connection is loose. Take it back and you’ll probably be luckier with the replacement.