Frustrated trying to download music from Windows Media Player

Bear with me…not a techy person to say the least nor am I computer savy…I am a grandmother trying to figure out how to be able to download music on my first mp3 player…can you help me?

Just got my Sansa clip and love it…just need to learn how to download my music now.

Have been able to get the player connected to the computer by locking it and holding down the middle button while connecting it using the usb cable.

Ok… I did download the complete instructions from the Sansa site…

On page 9 of these instructions referring to the last area where it says, “Transferring Playlist.”

  1. Connect Sansa player to the computer…ok did that.

  2. Select Sync digital media files to this device using Windows Media Player on initial connection…

I can’t find this part???

I am totally confused and frustrated…

Any suggestions appreciated!

Which version of Windows Media Player are you using?

This might help as well (with visuals): How-to videos for Windows Media Player

Run Windows Media Player.  Does it show “Sansa Clip” in the vertical list on the left side?

Do you already have music on your computer that you want to copy on to your Clip?

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I so dislike using WMP with all the issues that get caused!

How about simply dragging and dropping/copying and pasting your music to your Clip?  Simply show the folders or files that you want to transfer, on your computer; select (highlight) them; right click your mouse, and choose copy; with your Clip connected to your computer, open the Clip’s Music folder (you actually can open any location on your Clip, but using the Music folder helps make things more organized for you on the Clip (likewise as to using the Podcasts and Audibooks folders, for files of those types); and then right click you mouse, and choose paste.  Your files now should have been copied to your Clip.

Easy to do, and it works!

As to having to press the Clip’s center button down when you connect:  to make it easier and not have to do that, if your Clip has an “MSC” setting under Settings/USB, select that; otherwise, update your Clip to the most recent firmware (see the firmware upgrade thread at the top of the forum) and then, again, choose MSC under Settings/USB.

I hope this helps!

WMP = W orst M ess P ossible

MTP = M ost T roublesome P rotocol

MSC = M ode of S ansa C hampions