Froze, Updated Firmware, Lost Music

I had my player on in my lap for under five minutes and upon picking it up it had lost the grpahic showing which album, and was stuck on pause. tried to change songs but it kept running through them quickly.

Updated new firmware, and found all my music gone.

BUT the player still says space is being taken up: yet NO photos or vids are left on it.

I’m not sure what to do!



You need to change to the USB Mode back to what ever it was on when you added the music. Go to settings>System Settings> Usb Mode and then play around with it and see what you find.

I tried all three with no success, any other ideas?


I hate to tell you this… but its time to format… Go to Settings> System settings> Format> Yes. Then depending on houw you transfer music, you will need to pick either MSC or MTP USB mode (We call the 3rd option Auto DEFECT for a reason), and reload.

ok so I need to clear memory and choose any of the three BESIDES auto detect?

thats ok, its not even showing it anyway

should I turn it in for a new one, this doesn’t seem like it should happen? or will this just happen again on any fuze player?

Try Reloading it. It sounds like A Fluke mistake. If for some reason it loses itds files again then you can always contact SanDisk for a replacement if you cant return it to the place you bought it.

okay I reformatted, and reloaded my music

working fine, but the graphics for the albums isn’t working. not necessary but a nice touch that I miss.

Thanks for all your help, I may just return it, I’m having a lot of troubles. what I dont’ get is why it was working fine and then suddenly quit just like that

You mean your Album art is not showing up? Could it be an Issue with the tags on the file not haveing the art embedded?

well on my WMP it shows it but once transferred it does not.

Ok, its probably an issue with the tags. You can use WMP to embed the art into the song by going to it in the library and right clicking on it and then going down to advance tag editor go over to pictures and add the art, if its already there make sure its set to Cover(Front), then click apply. Or you can download a program called mp3tag (its free) and then you can use it to automatically tag the songs properly.

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