Free DVD ripper and converter that is compatible with SMC

Found this link online for anyone who wants to convert their DVDs for free.  This converter rips DVDs into avi and wmv formats that are compatible with Sansa Media Converter.  It takes about 20 minutes to rip the DVD and 20 minutes to upload through SMC.  Don’t waste $30-50 bucks.  The link is…

Enjoy.  The quality of the video is pretty good and the most important part, the audio is in sync. 


No problem.  I hope this program works great for you!

Great thank you!

there are several links, which one should i download

Download the copy dvd and rip dvd to avi. 

Okay mine didn’t do it.  It said there was an error.

clicked on ripped, AVI, OK for output (english, etc).

Then when I click on Rip Now it said "Error while opening codec for input stream #0.0

Any ideas?

I tried the AnyDVDConverter program, the sample one, and it worked.

I did have to choose the video from the file, a .vob one to work.

Then I changed a few things to work:

Profile:  Customized MP4 Moive (*.mp4)

Video:  Video Codec: mpeg4

Audio Bitrate: 193

Then “Enclode”


Then open it in SMC and convert.

Well I tried it on a video we have for work, so tomorrow I’ll try it on a movie dvd (which is pretty much the same thing, but just to make sure).

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I used this program this morning, but the sound is out of sync and sometimes it skips (where there is no sound).  What do I need to do?


I used the e.m. dvd.

I used the same and it works great.  Maybe you had a bad video.

I was downloading Finding Nemo.  I am trying it again.  I changed the Audio Channel to Auto, Audio Codec to MP3, Sampling to Original Frame Rate, Bit Rate to 193 and video resize to 720X480.  Any advice???  I am using the free version.  Is that what you are using?


I would at least change the video size. why 740x480 when the Fuze can only handle 220x176? just starting to convert DVDs to Sansa-playable mp4s myself. not there yet, unfortunately.

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I much prefer Free DVD Ripper. It has more sets.

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I complement three DVD Ripper you may like to check out:

  1. Handbrake(Free);
  2. DVD43(Free);
  3. Daniusoft DVD Ripper software (shareware)
    P.S. I have my eyes on some features of this Daniusoft DVD Ripper, lt can rip commercial DVDs that are encrypted, the ripping speed is fast and losslessly, it will not break the video into pieces, it will join all DVD titles and chapters and make them as one standalone video file. Unfortunately, it’s not free, but you could free try it via the relatived link below.