Settings on Any Video Convertor for Fuze?

Using DVD Decrypter to combine videos into a single VOB. Would like to use AVC to rip. What settings should I use in AVC to make the ouput playable on the Fuze?



you have to use the sansa media converter with the fuze. avc will not work. 

That would be great if the Sansa Video Converter would work. So far I have not seen the convert button look anything but gray.

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So far only Rhapsody and Sansa Media Converter work on Fuze. Rhapsody work but the quality is so bad… compare with Sansa Media Converter. So far i have no trouble putting video on the Fuze with Sansa Media Converter. If your SMC dont work then makre sure you have the latest one(SMC 236) and also to remember install Quick Time for the codec.

I had to connect the Fuze in order for the convert button to activate. This in spite of the fact that the help file claims that is not true.

But the resulting audio on the converted file was totally awful and completely unacceptable. It is like one of the two tracks came out with barely audible volume while the other track blasts away as it should.

So, so far I must say that having the video option has not been a big plus.

Audio and Video out of sync is a knows issue for Sansa Media Converter. I must agree that this sofware suck… and suck badly.

Regarding my post above, I must admit that the problem was not the software in this case but operator error. I’m sorry for casting aspersions on this software. The audio for my video is OK now.