Formatting Sandisk SSD 480GB as Fat32 and Hyperdrive

Hi all,

here is my issue…

i have the Hyperdrive UDMA2 hard drive device And I bought the SanDisk extreme SSD 480 gigabyte hard drive. That I wanted to use in the hyperdrive unit. I currently am using a Western Digital Scorpio Black 7200 RPM hard drive in the hyperdrive which is working well. I install the SSD hard drive formatted I think as exfat and hat was working for a while in the hyperdrive unit once when I turn the unit on the Hyperdrive couldn’t read the drive. Saying that is no HDD found.  In short After that I tried several different things. Once recently I deleted the partition on the drive in Windows 7 told windows to creat one partition as a Simple volume but did not format the drive. i then put the drive into the Hyperdrive unit and from the Hyperdrive utility in thr drive case I formatted the drive as Fat32. Everything seemed ok then shortly thereafter the Hyperdrive stopped being able to see the drive. The drive works if I put the drive into my computer. The WD drive I have works fine in the Hyperdrive unit. 

Hyperdrive support suggested that I format the drive as Fat32 by using the Verbatim format utility. They gave me a link and I installed the utility but the Verbatim utility does not recognize the Sandisk SSD drive. Does anyone know of another Fat32 format utility I can try? 

I already updated the Firmware on both the Hyperdrive and the Sandisk drive to 211 but no luck in fixing the problem.  I am not sure if the Hyperdrive is SATA3 compatible. I think it might be only SATA 2 supported If that could be the problem. Any other suggestion are greatly appreciated.

John Gerard