Formatting Cruzer Glide for Windows and Mac


A relative gave me their SanDisk Cruzer Glide 16GB USB drive.

I would like to use it on both Mac and Windows machines.

I found instructions on how to format the drive on Mac, and it appears that it worked OK, Mac says that it has approx 16GB space and is formatted with exFAT.

When I plug into a Windows machine, Windows states that it must be formatted and that here is only 200MB of space available on the device.  If I choose to proceed to format, I receive message that it can not be formatted.

Help greatly appreciated.

Jim P.

A 16GB drive should be formatted as FAT32.

I mounted the USB drive on Mac, ran DiskUtililty and erased  using MS-DOS.

Able to place files from Mac on USB drive.

If I insert the USB drive on a Windows machine, Windows indicates that I need to format the drive before I can use it.

I click on the “Format Disk” button, a window is displayed indicating the capacity of the drive at 200MB.

I uncheck the “Quick Format” option and select “Start” and the drive is formatted with 196MB NOT 16GB.

Something is still messed up.

Jim P.

Formatting in a mac defaults the partiton scheme to GUID. go back to the mac and reformat the drive and use Master Boot record for the partiton scheme. I(nstructions are in the link below.