FM Reception on Sansa Clip +

Can get no regular FM reception on the clip.  Joined L A Fitness and their TV transmitters work fine with everyone else but I get no reception.  Having a Volume problem also…can barely hear music, etc.  Beginning to think I’ve made a mistake with buying this… Suggestions… Thanks…

Sansa players typically have very tight headphone jacks when new. You might not have the 'phones plugged in all the way. Give the plug a little extra “oomph” and see if it goes in further. If you don’t have the headphones plugged in fully, that could cause both your problems. The headphones double as the FM antenna.

Nope… it’s not the headphones… on Music I get full sound in both ears … on FM a lot of static sounds.  Thanks for the reply though…

Try using a headphone with a longer cord. The headphone cord is the FM antenna. Try setting the region to worlwide, so the tuning increment is .05 rather than .2  What frequency does your gym broadcast on? Have you tried using it outside in a few different locations? Perhaps you might have a defective player. Did you recently buy it? Can you exchange it?

The Sansa has a more powerful receiver than you may think.  The PLL of the FM chip is very precise in comparison against many FM receivers.  The frequency received can be changed from multiples of 200kHz, in odd steps, for the US region, or even steps (world), even 100kHz or finer steps.

The receiver is very good at rejecting signals outside the selected frequency.

Where does this become important?  In health clubs, with TV audio being transmitted with low-power units, for one case.  Remember that these LP transmitters, little “one way repeaters”, are often purchased via the internet. The world is getting smaller in terms of commerce.  The transmitters are often set to broadcast on, say 99.2mHz, as the transmitter isn’t configured for the US “odd” steps.

Many receivers will receive the “off-center” signal just fine, and nobody notices.  The Clip sees this as a frequency to avoid, and you’ll hear a staticky mess.  Try going to Settings > Radio Options > USA / World and try the alternate setting.  You’ll notice that the frequencies will step differently.  See if you can not receive the audio more clearly.

Oh, and have fun spinning on that stationary cycle or treadmill!



I just happened to have the same problem but after having had the radio working fine for some time.

The radio stopped transmitting sound to the headphones for no apparent reason but I still could record it.

I solved the problem by resetting the factory settings but lost my presets of course.

My guess is: there is a bug in the Clip+!

I don’t see why it would just stop working like usual otherwise.

I hope it will be resolved with a firmware update.

Thank you for communicating this information to the people working at Sansa,


“I don’t see why it would just stop working like usual otherwise.”

Sometimes the settings or firmware in the player becomes corrupted. I have no idea why this happens. It is nice that the player has a backup copy of the original settings. It would be nice if the player would allow a firmware update if the firmware is on a card inserted in the player. This might make it easier for some who have connection problems to fix their players.

corruption of settings or firmware happens with all brands of players, although it happens more frequently with some models than with others. I wouldn’t worry about why it happened, unless it keeps happening frequently. Typically when this does happen it might happen only once every several months.

Thank you!

By the way, for those interested in this topic, I didn’t mention that, in my case, I could still listen to music and it was only the radio I couldn’t listen to anymore after having played some music.

We’ll see if it happens again… 

I’ve tried everything suggested but only got static originally and now nothing…obviously it’s the Clip that is no good…got it from Amazon so will just return it…Thanks anyway…