Firmware update


would anybody know if Sansa clip+ will have an update soon?

the firmware is stable for me, really, i just hope they could get a time on the screen that’s all.

and another i have confirmed that for my clip+ battery drains faster on radio. btw, i am from the Philippines.

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE PHILIPPINES EVERYONE!!! :smiley:Sandisk, Sansa Clip+ team, keep it up!

I doubt you’ll see any more firmware updates for the Clip+ as the Clip Zip has replaced it.

Well, not quite “replaced,” as the Clip+ is being avidly sold, but, perhaps, “supplanted” as the latest version?   :wink:

Likely, though, that few if any further firmware upgrades will be coming for the Clip+.  Even if they do, unlikely that they will include the time/a clock–has been requested for quite a while, without results.   :frowning:

@ tanduayice, Happy New Year to you too!  :smiley:  Manigong Bagong Taon!

 Does the new year in the Philippines come earlier or later than the U.S.?  It’s fun to see all the photos and videos of the celebrations from around the world.

The clip+ is about two years old now so there’s a very slim chance of any new features that will be added.  It seems to me that for some requested features, Sandisk holds off and then has it in the next player, like the search feature on the Clip Zip.  I wish that was on the clip+.

Tapeworm: i also thought about that, but as i said the fw is already solid so i’m so ok with it:smiley:

mags1230: it’s been a while and there’s really little chances… since the release of zip and indeed has better features they put on to respond with the customers. :smiley:

mags1230: it’s 1o’clock in the afternoon here. as per checking Philippines is about 12 hrs advance so new year comes here first. :smiley: i hear fireworks everywhere!