Firmware update 365A13F0 released for SanDisk Ultra SSD

Ultra firmware release notes for version 365A13F0, Release date 05/04/12:

NOTE: If you already have the SSD Toolkit installed, the please update to the latest version of the SSD Toolkit application before performing the firmware update for the Ultra SSD. You do not have to uninstall the previous version of the SSD toolkit; the latest version will install on top of the previous version.

Download SSD Toolkit (version (18MB)
Release notes for 365A13F0

Download and install the SanDisk SSD toolkit. Once installed you can use the update tab to update the firmware of your SSD. For instructions see the SSD toolkit help file. 

New changes since 362A13F0:
• Improved firmware reliability with enhanced Root File System update
• Enhanced internal parity error mitigation
• Improved device compatibility with SATA hosts

Known issues:
• Time for Windows format of raid volume on PMC-Sierra maxRAID BR5225-80 RAID HBA is longer than desired
• Compatibility issue during Red Hat 5.3 Linux boot on nVidia MCP55 chipset

Are you planning on providing an updater for Mac and Linux users too? I don’t have Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro and would like to update my SanDisk Ultra 240GB drive.

It is posted in a few other threads. They are working on making the CD ISO images available for download. Currently they are testing and said it should be available in the near future. That is all the info we have.  

did anyone lose any data when updating the firmware?

I am planning on updating the firmware on my sandisk ultra 120GB and my most recent backup is from 2 days ago.

I mainly want to know so I can find out if I need to do another backup right now before updating, or just go through with the update.

While updating should not have any effect on data you should always do a backup before doing an update.