Finding Playlists - New to this and Need Help

I bought my son for Christmas his very first MP3 player, the 4GB Clip.  We are both complete novices at this and though we followed the instructions to the letter we can’t find his playlist.


He used Windows Media Player to create his playlist and then he dragged and dropped to his new Clip.  But we can’t find the list anywhere. We know it installed by the decrease in usuable free space on his player but, again, we couldn’t find the list to play. The only thing he could access were the preinstalled songs. I should note that his list was 357 songs long!  Perhaps that is the issue, we don’t know.  So, we reconnected and decided to delete the list via WMP and his usable space was increased again, so as I said, it had to be installed somewhere.


I triple checked to see if the Clip was fully connected and it was.  It is also fully charged.


Please, could someone direct us on what we might be doing wrong?  I was over at anythingbutipod forums and it seems others are having the same issue on locating their playlists but there hasn’t been a response to rectify the issue.  Thanks for reading this and any suggestions will be welcomed.


Try using Windows Media player to “sync”  your playlist.  Make sure you use MTP mode.