Files transfer from internal iphone storage to iXpand

Can I see all my files stored in iphone using iXpand?  Is it possible to transfer built-in voice recording files from my iphone to iXpand?  Thanks.

Hello, for the built in voice recording files maybe you should copy them on your mac or pc and after copy them back on your iXpand:smiley:Tools like iBackupbot can help :wink:

No, third party apps only have access to the camera roll. For files stored in other apps it may be possible to enable the share extension for the iXpand Drive app and share the file from the app where the file is stored to the iXpand drive app but that functionality will depend on the app that created the file. 

This FAQ may help.

Thanks for your information.

Your FAQ link got an error as shown below.

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Link updated. It should work for you now.