Save Voice Memos?

I beleive Voice Memos is a standard app on the iPhone.  I use this app extensively.   I have not found a way to copy my Voice Memos to my iXpand to same/move from iPhone.

Any help on accessing files/data that are not pictures/videos/music?

First you will need to make sure the share extension is enabled for the iXpand Drive app. You can do this from the voice memos app.

Open voice memos

Go to the file you would like to transfer to the ixpand

tap the share icon (looks like a box with an arrow pointing up)

here you will see a list of the apps you can share the file with. If you do not see iXpand drive scroll to the right and select more. Scroll down through that list and make sure the toggle switch for iXpand drive is on. 

Once that is on when you select share in voice memos you can choose iXpand drive. From there you can create a folder and save the file to the iXpand drive. 

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Thanks-- that helps!

OK- here’s my ideal solution.  Is there anyway to mass transfer voice memos?  I’m having to do 1 x 1.

no. iOS does not provide the option to share multiple voice memos at one time. You would have to share them with the iXpand Drive app one at a time.