Files (songs) missing in player menu

I am using a Linux file manager to put both songs and podcasts to my CLIP Zip (all in the music folder). In the player menu however most of the files are missing. (MP3) Firmware is …17 but the problem was the same with the original one.

They need to have ID3 tags in format ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 in order to be read by the player. If I remember correctly, this format is sometimes a problem for Linux users.

In the “Ordner” - view (German for folder) I get the file names, not the tags. In the Clip + I had not problems with using just the file names. Also some podcast from the one source (radio station) do work while others don’t. I don’t quite understand why the files need a ID3 tag when I just look for the file name. Especially in podcasts the given tag is often useless and I don’t like to edit it just for hearing it once! (That is also the reason for me not to use the “podcast” option but just a subfolder in “Musik” (German again) and navigate via the “folder” menu.

Folder navigation on the Clip Zip is a bit different, as it finds files from the Music folder.  The Fuze+ is nice in comparison, as one thing it does well is accessing the file tree (you can browse internal / external as well as the individual file areas, including subscription subfolders).

For the Zip, the absolute best option is to correct the metadata (ID3 tags) to ID3v2.3 ISO8859-1 (Latin-1) format.

Podcasts can only be navigated using folder navigation if the ID3 tag is changed, or if it is in the music folder.  On top of this, podcasters are notorious for messing up the metadata on individual files as successive episodes are posted on the internet.

Have you found a decent ID3 tag editor under linux?

Bob  :smiley:

I’ve been using EasyTAG wtih Linux ever since I got the Clip+, the layout is a little confusing at first because the buttons aren’t labeled (tool tips pop up if you hover over them, though,) but once you figure out them out it’s really quick.  You can set the preferences to only write one tag, so it strips everything out other than ID3v2.3 or whatever you want, and it can fill tags based on a filename mask - so if all the files in a folder are ‘01 songname.flac’ you’d type the mask ‘%t %a’ and it’ll fill the tags for those fields; you can also rename the files using the same kind of mask.  It might take a little getting used to, but once you get to know the buttons it’s hard to beat.