Clip ZIp ID3 Tags?


What kind of metadata is compatible with the Clip Zip? I’ve got loads of “unknown” artists and albums etc…

What program can I use to re-tag them? I don’t use Media Player, I drag and drop in MSC mode so need a program that will edit the files already on my Clip Zip’s SD?


I can’t answer your first question, but I can recommend the utility MP3tag for editing the tags.  It does bulk operations so you shouldn’t have to do your songs one at a time.  And with the utility you may be able to figure out the answer to your first question by looking at the tags values displayed in MP3tag (find a song that says “unknown” on the Clip Zip, look at its tags in MP3tag, find the pattern, etc.).

As noted above, a good tag editor:  MP3Tag, Internet freeware.

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To answer the first  question: Sansas prefer their ID3 tags in v2.3 ISO 8859-1 (also known as “Latin”) format.

Take the seconding of your recommendation (sorry, I saw you discuss the program but missed, on the small tablet I was using, the recommendation) as a compliment to you . . . . :wink: