files being erased from microSD every time I take it out

Cannot figure out what is going on… every time when I take out microSD and put it back into the player files that were on the memory card disappear… Any ideas what kind of settings I have to change?

Thanks a lot in advance!

…BTW, the player is c240.


I tried searching the forum for similar posts and found no answers :cry:  Try putting content on the card through a dedicated card reader, and removing the card… then putting it back in.  at least that way you can see if the card is actually able to hold the content… may not actually be the device erasing the content.


Cannot figure out what is going on… every time when I take out microSD and put it back into the player files that were on the memory card disappear… Any ideas what kind of settings I have to change?

Thanks a lot in advance!

…BTW, the player is c240.

Do you use this card in any other device when you take it out of you c240? Because if you do, card’s content might be slightly changed by let’s say your smart phone, which will confuse the player.
Also, you gotta make sure that you transfer those mp3 or wma files onto the card using the proper procedure. I, personally would recommend to use good old WMP10 or 11. And those files can not be copy right protected or be anyhting esle but mp3 or wma.

Is it possible that the MicroSD device does not have the capacitor strength to keep the memory bytes locked very long?  Does anyone know whether this is a problem with all MicroSD cards?

I have a sandisk 2Gig card and I am afraid to take mine out of my player for fear of losing all my data…:frowning:

Tom Nesler

Hi there,

You said that “every time when I take out microSD and put it back into the player files that were on the memory card disappear”.  You mean when you plugged it into your device, the # of songs did not get updated?  If that is the case, you can go to Music menu and select to Play All, then all your files should be there.  The contents did not get erased from the card, it’s just that the player did not update the contents in real time.  However, if you check the cards and there are no contents then I think that it’s the faulty card

I have an update on the MicroSD problem.  I got a USB connector for my MicroSD card.  It allows me to access the data using Windows explorer.  On my MicroSD device all the files are intact even though the Sandisk cannot detect them!

I thought the card was losing it’s data but it is not.  The problem is not with the MicroSD card.  It is a software bug IMO.

Here is what happened to me.

1.  Loaded files on MicroSD card in my Sandisk via Windows media player.

2.  Verified that they were on my player when I disconnected and could hear them.

3.  Removed card from player and inserted a new MicroSD card into the player.

4.  After the player was turned on it said refreshing database.  I looked at the album list and it showed the same set of albums even though the card with the data had been removed!  As a test I tried playing one of the items I knew was not there and it came back with a bad track error and locked up.

5.  I shut down the Sandisk and removed the blank card.  Turned it back on and verified that all the songs on the MicroSD card were not showing as selections.

6.  I shut down the Sandisk againg and put the original MicroSD card which did have songs on it back in.  Turning on the Sandisk, I got the refreshing the Database message, but none of the songs appeared in my list!

7.  I looked at the card using the USB card reader and saw that all the files that were there before are still there.

From this experience, I am concluding that the Sandisk software does not pick up data on a card at all.  It only picks up the catalog when you load the songs on the MicroSD card using the Synchronization process.

As long as you leave the card in, you are fine.  But if you remove the card or try to put in a new card, you lose the ability to read the data from the Sandisk…:frowning:

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Help!..:slight_smile:

Tom Nesler

Tom, that’s definitely not normal behavior.  If you haven’t already try to update the firmware.

Thanks for the suggestion!  I downloaded and installed the Sansa Updater program but it always hangs when I run it. The utility has no diagnostics to help me figure out what is going wrong.  Fortunately the utility did not erase my old OS so I can continue to use it.

Any suggestions on what to do about this additional problem?

The OS version on my C240 is 01.01.00P.

Tom Nesler

Well if you already have 01.01.00P you don’t need to update.

Just as a test…

Instead of loading the music on the microSD with Windows Media Player try just dragging and dropping the music in to the root directory of the card.  After that try to run your tests switching out the card.

If you get to the point where you reinsert the card with music loaded on it after the blank card and the songs aren’t showing up on the device after the Refresh Database try reseating the card again.

Interesting Idea…:-) 

If I understand you correctly, you want me to:

1.  Format the card.

  1. Use Windows Explorer to drop some MP3 files into the card

  2. Put the card in the SanDisk and see if it finds the files?

When I look in the file structure of my MicrSD card I can not see any files with MP3 extensions.  All I see are numbered folders and files with numbers and .Dat extensions on the back.

I know I should be able to drag and drop Mp3 files but I did not know where they should go.

I’ll let you know what happens.

Tom Nesler

Try dragging them in to the root directory.

You said “Try dragging them in to the root directory.”

Using Windows Explorer or Windows Media Player?

Windows Explorer

Your suggestion worked!  Thanks!

It is strange but the simple method of copying the files to the root of the MicroSD drive works fine.

For the record:

1.  Get a USB SD card viewer (Cost about $10) and use it to connect to it with your Windows explorer.

2.  Format the card.  If there are any files or directories, it will clear them all out.

3.  Go to the directory where your music is.  (Normally this is My Documents\My Music.)  Copy the whole folder of the album you want.  These are normally named with the artist’s names and then inside is the album.

4.  Sometimes you will see a folder with the artist’s name and inside are multiple albums.  If you want all the albums, copy the artist folder to your SD drive.

5.  If you only want a selection of songs from an album, copy the folder to the SD drive and delete the songs you don’t want.

I wish the Windows medial player would do this automatically, but this is an effective workaround.

Thanks again for your help!

Tom Nesler

Glad you got it working Tom