Micro Sd card is no longer recognized by my PC

       The microsd card I have in my c240 is no longer recognized by my PC. There is nothing wrong with the card. I have already tried it in my cell phone and it works perfectly. I am using firmware version 1.00.03. Please don’t tell me to upgrade my firmware because I did that like a couple of weeks ago and that crappy firmware upgrade almost bricked my player. My microsd has not worked since then.

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How did you access the micro SD card in the past?  Did you go through My Computer or did you use something else?

What mode is the player in?  MSC or MTP?

I tried both modes and it still does not work. I have gone thru my computer and used media player to synch up my music. Thru my computer it just reads fixed disc and nothing else.

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What kind of issues did you experience when you updated the firmware on the device?

Which firmware version did you update to?

In MSC the player should show up as two seperate drives in My Computer (but you probably knew that already).