File Storage and File Display(Play)

I noticed that all 111 files from, MP3 lessons are listed alphabetically on the display of files  (Express 1GB) on My Computer.  However, the order that the files are listed and displayed on the Express are not alphabetical?  This is OK, but wanting to keep track of the lessons. I made a listing of the order in which the Express wants to play them!  Yes, all 111 Files! This seems a little in-elegant in these days of sophisticated digital electronics.  Can I call the shots here, or am I chained to the units order of Display-Play?  Please advise, if known.  Thank you.

Hello Mdgaidheal, Welcome to the Community!

It may be due to the ID3 tags of the actual Podcasts…

Here is a how to video on how to change the ID3 Tags, as well as a video on how to create a playlist which would be faster if you dont plan on listening to them more than once.