Feature Request - Play next album/artist/folder option

I would like to requiest a new feature (and I am sure I am not the only one that wants it)…

I would like the option to have the Clip+ go to the next album/artist/folder when the currently selected one is finished. For example, if I select “Play All” on the folder “The Marshall Tucker Band”, when the albums in the folder are complete, I would like the Clip+ to move to the next folder, “The Outlaws” and start playing the albums in the folder rather than repeating the albums in “The Marshall Tucker Band” folder.



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I’ll second this - I listen to a popular radio talk show’s podcasts, usually over the following weekend. It’s a chore to back up to the previous screen to list the “albums” (days of show), select the next one, and then select the first hour. Other players I’ve had just hop to the next file in line.

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I’d also like to request a feature (option) that exclude subfolders when playing by folder.  I’ve some live music by the same artist, which I also have non-live music of. 

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