FAT is corrupted

I have bought a reconditioned Sansa Fuze form Kompranet. When I  connect the USB the  message "

FAT is corrupted. Please connect  to PCand recover FAT appears". 

This is what Kompranet are saying:

"I think you should contact Sandisk support, maybe you loaded some viruses into the flash memory of the MP3p player. Try to connect via USB cable to the PC holding the square button. Try to download the Sansa firmware updater from this site:
http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/156/~/sansa-firmware-updater-and-firmware-defined. "

I’ve tried this advice and the updater says that there is no update waiting for my device.

I’ve also tried following some of the similar enquiries on this site, with no success.  Any ideas?

I’ve asked Kompranet to confirm that the device was tested and working before it was sent to me, they haven’t confirmed.

Try a manual firmware update.

Under Settings/System Settings/Info you can see the Version, whether it is 1 or 2.

Download the manual firmware update from this post for your version. Use the All Regions link.  If you couldn’t get to Info, download both and try one at a time.


You’ll download a .zip file. Unzip it onto your desktop. . Connect the Fuze to the computer and drag fuzeA.bin onto the driveletter your computer assigns to Sanza Fuze. Disconnect and the firmware should re-install itself.

By the way, Kompranet sounds pretty sleazy. No one is bothering to write viruses that attack the Fuze.

Did you format the drive with Windows or did you format it with the Fuze?

O right,

neither, I am talking about an MP3 player the Sansa Fuze. So I just received it through the post and connected it with a USB.

The first  writing that came up was a message saying FAT is corrupted etc

many thanks for your reply


Hi there, thanks for this advice.

I can’t follow it as I can’t switch on the device, and my computer doesn’t reognize it as a device or allocate a drive for it.

I have tried the advice for switching on given elsewhere on the forum and it doesn’t work here.

Also I had previously tried downloading the manual firmware update but got a message saying that no update was detected for my device.

I have tried again using your message as a starting point and downloaded a zipped file but I don’t understand enough to follow the process through.  I got a message saying I would need to pay to use the software, and I don’t think that can be right.

I feel that my next step should be to ask  Kompranet to take the device back… it shouldn’t be  this complicated to use it.

thanks again for your support

If it was DOA like this immediately upon receiving it, I would return it. Yes, you might be able to play around with it and get it working, but should you have to? No.

I know a lot of people who have had success with re-furbs and I always catch flac (not the audio codec) when I voice my opinion on the subject, but buying re-furbs is a high-risk gamble. You’re buying something that someone else returned because it did not work for them.

Granted, some units are perfectly fine and ignorance of how the device works is responible for many returns, but how do you know whether the one you’re going to get is one of these, or one that truly had something wrong with it? You don’t.

And be don’t be suckered by anyone claiming theirs are “factory” or “manufacturer” re-furbished, re-conditioned or re-certified. SanDisk does not re-furb or re-certify anything, period. It might have been re-furbed in a factory but whose factory and do those people know what they are doing?

Truthfully, there’s so little that can be done with any of these players these days, the re-furbers cannot do anything to them to make them useable past what you yourself can do. Re-install firmware and format. That’s it! That’s all that can be done. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it’s junk.

Return it, spend a couple more bucks and buy a new one from a reputable dealer and get a true factory warranty on it in case it’s a bum unit.

I’d send it back to Kompranet too.

But if that is a problem for some reason, let’s go back to the firmware update.

Go to the link I posted above and download the All Regions links. There are two, for different versions of the Fuze.

Unzip them (Extract files…) onto your desktop–name V1 and V2 differently so you can see which is which. The unzipped file will be a folder. Inside each folder is fuzeA.bin . That’s the firmware.

Leave the Fuze off and slide the power switch down until it clicks. You’ll see an orange dot in the slot. That’s Hold.

Connect the USB cord to your computer (not the Fuze) and open Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer). Now hold down the << side of the wheel and connect the cord to the Fuze. Look in Windows Explorer for the Fuze to pop on on, for example, E: Sanza Fuze (It could be any letter).

Take the fuzeA.bin file from one of the folders–I’d try V2 first–and drag it onto E: or whatever that letter is. Disconnect the Fuze, and it should redo its firmware. If that doesn’t happen, follow the directions above and put the V1 firmware on.

Or just send it back to Kompranet and tell them to exchange it, as they should. As I said earlier, that “virus” business is phony.