Fake MicroSD Card Confirmation

Hello All, 

I got a new microSD card and adapter from Adafruit, however, I have many suspicions that it is fake. I wanted to confirm them before I contacted Adafruit about them. 

  1. It has no speed and class markings!

  2. It is made in China

  3. It shows up as “SD Card” on my Chromebook

  4. The adapter is also made in China

  5. Both have a very glossy back

Thanks for anyone who helps, it will be greatly appreciated!

Can take a look at the official microSD sandisk cards (pay attention to the fonts), if yours looks different and especially if it performs badly, I suggest you try to return it. 

The “made in China” makes it seem fake. 2 GB doesn’t seem to be existant as a real size currently.
You can also ask a question live to an agent, it should be easy for them to confirm it’s fake. https://kb.sandisk.com/app/chat/