Extreme USB 3.0 stopped working

I’ve been using my Extreme USB 3.0 64GB drive every day and all of a sudden it’s stopped being recognized.  Other flash drives work in the same port and the Extreme doesn’t work in either port. The LED light goes on, the laptop beeps like it usually does, but then the LED light starts flickering and there’s no recognition of the drive.  Thanks for any solutions.

have you tried it on different computers? if it fails to be recognized on multiple machines it may be bad. if that is the case contact sandisk support to check the warranty status. 

Thank you.  I’ve realized that it is working but has ID’d it as a different drive (G) on my work server.  How do I re-assign the flash drive to a different letter?

Use Windows DiskManagement to reassign a drive letter.  And try to choose a drive letter further down the alphabet to prevent a reoccurance.  F for flash drive or U for USB drive or M for My flash drive are choices.

If multiple USB drives are plugged into the same USB port Windows frequently changes drive letters for them.