Extreme SSD Stops Working

I have a new Extreme SSD 500 Gb drive which I’ve been using for a few days with Windows 10.

I’m loving the read/write speed.

But I’m not loving the way it just seems to go to sleep after the PC has been on for a few hours. Unable to access any files, Windows Explorer shows it as a disconnected drive etc.

The only fix is to turn off and turn on the PC, not restart, a full off and on again.


I have various other HDD and USB drives connected to the PC and no similar problems with any of them. My PC is usually turned on permanently, and I don’t expect to have to put up with storage device issues like this.

PC hardware is 2015 MacBook Pro running Windows 10 permanently in Bootcamp.

Please help.

Can anyone offer any help here please?

Is there something I can configure in Windows to stop this disconnection behaviour?

Also, when this drive is connected to my other computer (native Mac), there are no problems at all.