Extreme pro - Will there be a USB C variant?

I’ve been using these super-speedy flash drives for a couple of years now.

As far as I can make out, the Extreme line offer the fastest (by far) and most reliable (if you don’t cook them) USB sticks on the market.  -At least, outside of milspec super-expensive drives, AFAIK.  I love how it has a controler chip on board which allows for wear leveling and other tricks which make it altogether more reliable than any other stick I know of.  (I use sticks daily and for years just got used to the fact that even the name brand ones were flakey devices which at any moment might simply fail and lose your data.  I accumulated more than a dozen dead sticks until I started using the Extreme line.  Now I retire still-working drives rather than replace them as they die.  (Every year, I retire drives just to stay fresh.)

I want to know: Is Western Digital/Sandisk planning to release a version with a USB C plug?  -My next computer doesn’t look like it’s going to have any old-style USB ports available, and I don’t want to drop back down to half-speed half-reliable USB sticks.