What is the absolute fastest USB Flashdrive? I am looking to purchase a brand new one.

   Speed is the absolute only thing that matters (although I need at least 64GB of storage and the highest capacity is ideal, I can always get multiple). Currently I only have USB 3.0 ports (20 of them actually), however, I will be getting a new computer soon but if you’re only going to give one reccomendation I want the one that will work with my regular USB 3.0 ports. I demand a SanDisk because I have always trusted them and they are reasonably priced. Currently I have a SanDiskCZ80 64GB. https://www.sandisk.com/home/usb-flash/extreme-usb


in that case you can check out the extreme pro 128gb usb 3.0 flash drive that is the fastest model sandisk produces at the moment. 

here you can find the link to the product