Extreme Pro USB 128gb Write very Slowly

Hi, everybody i’ve purchased  2 weeks ago 2  extrem pro 128gb USB

i have used only 1  daily basis  and now the maximum writing speed doesn’t exceed 80MB/s

and this speed  is slowing down to 30MB/s    and sometimes no faster than 15mb/s

and that with files (videos) not unlimited small files copy.

what’s the matter  the usb stick got only 2 weeks

2nd point  the usb stick  is very very HOT,  i thought was the temperature that slowing down the write speed and

put a fan to cool it   but   still  slow writing.

and i noticed that between many files serial copy  there’s like a moment the copy get stuck

also the size of the usb stick in explorer disappear and  re appear

sounds to me like the stick dead.

i have  a sandisk Ultra 128gb  that working very better  (faster tha the extreme pro!!!) and has been used  for a year now  and no probem

is there something i can do or do i have to send it back ?

thanx for your help

Hey, try format the drive,


Right click at the drive, click format, DO NOT CHECK QUICK FORMAT (Slow but nessesary)

then check if the drive performed better, if not, reply

, thanx very much for your answer

It solved my problem

the writing speed is back to normal.

yanhx again