Extreme Pro 32 GB Compact Flash reading as AOS_@ICIPAH instead of EOS_Digital - Photos GONE (On Mac)

I am shooting with a Cannon 5D using the Extreme Pro 32GB and the photos showed up fine on the camera. I used an Insignia card reader and the disk appeared in Finder as “AOS_@ICIPAH” with nothing on it. Here’s what I did to troubleshoot:

  1. I removed it from the reader and tried reading a different Extreme Pro 32GB disk, and those photos showed up. So I don’t think it’s the reader.

  2. I put the guilty disk back in the camera, and alas, the photos were not reading on the camera either even though they did before I took it out. WTF?  

  3. I then took a picture which showed up on the camera. I put the disk back in the reader, and even though it still read as AOS_@ICIPAH, that photo was visible. 

I since had to reshoot the commercial assignment I was on using a different disk, obviously. Those photos showed up fine too when transferring to my computer. I did a Google search for AOS_@ICIPAH and it turned up a few entries from like, 2012 and several posts in other languages. Surely I’m not one in a billion people having this problem?? Any suggestions/explanations would be much appreciated.


Hi, It is a common flaw in some card readers and MAC, not all work well always, is programming/incompatibility issue  of card reader`s micro-controller under MAC OS. (with any memory brand)

Try this solution: