Imagemate USB3 card reader

Hi there,

I have a Canon 5D mkii running a few different CF cards.  When I download the photos to my Macbook Pro (2012 pre retina) and open in photoshop 1 in 4 or 5 photos is totally screwed.  Looks like only a quarter of the photo took place and the rest is all purple lines.  If I simply plug the usb from the camera into the computer I have not issues.  Not sure what the problem is here?


I have PMed you regarding the issue. Please reply when you get a chance.

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My MacBook Pro OSX does not recognise the ImageMate All in One 3.0 card reader that I have recently purchased. The reader is recognised in the Sytem Information but I cannot access it. I am trying to read a SanDisk 16gb Extreme SD card. Any help appreciated.